About us

digitalike: We live Digital Marketing and love SEO.

We are Johannes and Uwe, founders of digitalike, and we’ve had enough. Enough of growth at any cost. Enough of compromises. And enough experience in SEO and digital marketing to help companies achieve sustainable and effective visibility.

Our Story

Our SEO journey began over ten years ago. Since then, SEO has been our core competency. As specialists in search engine optimization, we know: optimizations take time – just like good ideas. That’s why almost four years have passed before the start of digitalike in March 2023.

The idea of founding an SEO agency and shaping the collaboration with our clients ourselves matured over one or another beer, with which Uwe and Johannes rewarded themselves after shared tennis and football matches.

We stand up for ourselves as much as for our team and adhere to the rules of the game. We know how we want to work and how not. We are convinced that fair action is the key to successful cooperation. We stand for reliability and expertise. That’s why you won’t find any generalists with us, but will be in direct contact with professionals.

Johannes Giesche

Johannes has been at home in online marketing since 2009 and has been focusing fully on search engine optimization since 2014. He was already a managing director before digitalike and has also advanced projects in online marketing at other companies.

As a team leader at Trust Agents and later at the Dept Agency, he specialized in SEO consultation and gained cross-industry SEO experience.

Johannes is passionate about creating SEO strategies that have a lasting effect. Besides, he is an expert in strategic and operational SEO consultation.

Uwe Roll

For Uwe, everything has revolved around SEO and Digital Marketing since 2010. Before he founded digitalike in 2023, he was an SEO expert at Toptarif and led SEO teams at Trustagents and Dept Agency.

Uwe knows all the subtleties of classic SEO consulting and implements SEO measures in a targeted manner. If you want to see Uwe in his element, challenge him to identify sales-boosting levers on your website and to enable your team in SEO.

As a speaker and author, Uwe shares his SEO knowledge on platforms such as OMT, SEO Day, and Website Boosting.

Our Mission

We have seen a lot and want to do many things differently. We believe in quality, expertise, and high-quality content. We know that sustainable success can only be achieved with fairness, openness, and communication at eye level.

Whether e-commerce professional, start-up or corporation – with us, every company gets the chief physician treatment: From the comprehensive initial examination through precise surgical on- and off-page interventions to the personal check-in after the intervention, an experienced SEO specialist takes care of your concerns. Your challenge is our challenge.

Our wonderful team

Almuth Jennert

Junior Online Marketing Manager (SEO)

Laura Ritter

Junior Online Marketing Manager (SEO)

Meicel Neugebauer

Online Marketing Manager (SEO)

Susanna Seebauer

Junior Online Marketing Manager (SEO)

Stefan Gottwald

Stefan Gottwald

Senior SEO Consultant